🗳 Airtable añade 5 nuevos bloques, entre los que destaco el Flowchart y el Base schema

  • Flowchart block: visualize linked records as a directed graph to make flowcharts, decision trees, or user flow diagrams.
  • Flashcard block: study using your own custom virtual flashcards.
  • Base schema block: visualize the relationships between the different tables and fields in your base.
  • Name quiz block: a timed minigame to test your knowledge of names and faces.
  • URL preview block: select a cell in a URL field to preview content from services like YouTube, Figma, or Spotify.

🖥 Airtable presenta su nuevo bloque para scripts, que ahorrará mucho tiempo a programadores en tareas repetitivas

With the new scripting block, you can reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks and uncover deeper insights with powerful queries and custom reporting. All it takes is a a bit of JavaScript!

Source: Introducing scripting block

🌠 Airtable añade otros 5 nuevos bloques de servicio: Pexels, Miro, Typeform, Loom y Formstack 👏

Today, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve opened up our blocks platform to five trusted partners to create deeply integrated experiences that combine the power of Airtable with their respective products.

Source: Airtable Partner Blocks: Miro, Pexels, Formstack, Typeform, Loom

📎 Airtable lanza su Web Clipper Block, para poder guardar información de páginas web en tu base directamente

Aunque sigo prefiriendo la extensión «Send to Airtable«.

With our new web clipper block and browser extension, you can send links, images, and more from all over the web directly into a base structured to fit your specific needs.

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Airtable lanza oficialmente su plataforma de módulos interactivos llamados Blocks

Yo utilizo algunos de ellos y me parece que complementan el servicio de una manera genial. Aunque en abril tendré que actualizar mi plan a uno más caro ?‍♂️

Blocks are modular apps that live on top of your Airtable bases. From map, chart, and timeline, which introduce new ways to visualize your work, to Google Cloud Vision, translate, and send SMS, which help put it into action, blocks not only enhance your existing Airtable use cases, but also introduce completely new ways of building your own app workflows.

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